Number Race Rules

for 2-6 players

The goal of Number Race is to reach the end of the racetrack before the other players.

Included Pieces:
       -Game board
       -18 Red cards, 18 Yellow cards, 18 Green cards
       -3 Red dice, 2 Yellow dice, 1 Green die
       -8 Player cars

Setting up the Game:
1. Make three decks: one with all 18 red cards, one with all 18 yellow cards, and one with all 18 green cards. The numbers should be face-down. Shuffle each deck and discard the top 4 cards from each.
2. Put the remaining cards together into one big deck. Shuffle this deck and draw the top card. The number on this card will be the "roadblock number."  A roadblock number is the number that players are not permitted to land on because it is a construction site. Place this card back into the deck and shuffle again.
3. Place the shuffled cards in each lane with the number side face-up, starting from the left-most lane, from the starting line to the finish line.
4. If a card has the same number as the "roadblock number", place it face-down on the board with the cone face up. Players must go around these construction sites.
5. Have all players roll a die for the highest number. Re-roll for any ties. The player with the highest roll goes first. From there, players take turns in a counterclockwise direction.

Playing the Game:
1. From the starting line, a player tries to land on any of the 6 cards in the row closest to the starting line. The player may choose to land on a red, yellow, or green card. It would be wisest to pick a color that appears the most to increase the probability of rolling it.
2.  To land on a card, the player must roll all of the dice of the corresponding color. For example, a player attempting to land on a yellow 8 card, must roll an 8 with the two yellow dice. The player has 3 tries to roll the number.
3. A player can hold a number on any of the dice. For example, if the player wants to roll a yellow 8 and has rolled a 4 and a 3, he or she may choose to hold the 4 and roll the other die again, in hopes of rolling a 4.  On the other hand, he or she may choose to hold the 3 instead, in hopes of rolling a 5. If the player does not wish to hold any die, he or she may re-roll all of the dice again.
4. If the player does not roll the number on the card in three tries, his or her turn is over.
5. Once a player has gotten onto a card in the first row, he or she can only attempt to move onto any of the bordering cards. 6. If the player rolls doubles when attempting a yellow card, or a triple when attempting a red card; he or she can switch the positions of any two cards on the board.
7. If the player rolls the number he or she is attempting on the first try, then the player can move up one extra space in addition to the card he or she was aiming for. When this happens, the player is only permitted to move up in the lane he or she is on, not diagonally.
8. If a player lands on a card that already has an opponent on it, the opponent is sent back one space in the same lane.
9. The first player to land on any of the cards right before the finish line can automatically move onto the finish line and is declared the winner of Number Race.

When deciding what number to aim for, pick a color that most borders your car. However, it may sometimes be wiser to pick the number that someone is already on so that you can send your opponent back one space. Also, when given the chance to switch two cards, you may move a roadblock card to block another player, or perhaps move it away from you.